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Gulfstream G200

Gulfstream G200

11 Passengers
3,910 miles
6 Hours
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The G200, our super-sized jet, offers the range and comfort of a large jet. This 2-crew aircraft has a length of 18.97m (62ft 3 in), cabin width of 2.18m (7ft 2in), and cabin height of 1.91m (6ft 3in) to its distinction.
Elegant inflight, stylish on ground, the G200 is chef-d’oeuvre with an interior radiates class and style. Modelled for the twenty-first century routine, we offer the aircraft to travel needs and lifestyle of our clients.

On-board Amenities
  • Satellite Phone
  • IPOD Touch
  • Cabin Sound System
  • 4 Bed Capacity
  • Accessible Rear Baggage Compartment
  • DVD PLayer
  • Microwave
  • Rest Room